2015 — MFA: San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California

2009 — BFA: Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio

2007  Studio Art Center International, Florence, Italy



  • "Aspire" Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati , Ohio 


  • "He’s Either Dead or It Was His Birthday" Form and Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • "The Only Way Out Is Through" Freeform Art Space, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • “Microcosm” Form and Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • "The Worst" CCA, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • "Something I Need You To Know" Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • “Fathoms" Radical Abacus, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • “You Can't Have Your Horse In Here” The Adobe Rose, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • “New Directions ‘15” Barrett Art Center Poughkeepsie, New York
  • “Vernissage” Pier 2, Fort Mason Center San Francisco, California


  • "From Then Until Now", The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • "The Anatomy of the Landscape", Swell Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • “Continuing MFA Show” Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • “Size Matters”, As of Now Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • “Privacy and Publicity”, Prentice and Paul Sack Still Lights Gallery, San Francisco, California
  • “SFICA Glitch”, 1038, San Francisco, California


  • “Go to Ground, Empty-Handed”, (83 Placita de Oro Pop-Up Show), Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • “Dead Letter Office” (Radical Abacus Pop-Up Show) 1017 Flora Dr., Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • “Archive” (Alcove 12.7) The New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • “Almost There” TCS, Chicago, Illinois                 
  • “Autobiography” New Wave, Chicago, Illinois


  • “The Slow Death of the Instant” University of Illinois Chicago A. Montgomery Ward Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • “As Though We Were Never Here” Back Rooms Projects, Chicago, Illinois 
  • “New American Landscape” Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • “Chicago Art Open” River East Art Center, Chicago, Illinois


  • “The Identity of Ghosts” Broad Street Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Altered: Experimental Photography” University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida 
  • “Winter Fundraiser” Around the Coyote, Chicago, Illinois
  • “Beverly Art Competition” Beverly Art Center, Chicago, Illinois
  • “One Night” 1246 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio


  • “The Identity of Ghosts” Beaton Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Voices” Capital University, Mees Hall, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Thumb Box: OAL Member Small Works Exhibition” OAL Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “One Night” 90 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio
  • “Inevitable” Beaton Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Ohio Art” Carnegie Gallery, Columbus Library, Columbus, Ohio
  • “In the Artist’s Studio” Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Noise” Acock Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
  • “Agora 2008” Junctionview Studios, Columbus, Ohio



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2012 — Face Figure Identity - Sprocketbox

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2009 — Altered: Experimental Photography - University of West Florida

2008 — “Talent Show” - Columbus Alive 


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