In That Case, I Had A Wonderful Time
Bad Castle
You Know They're Waiting
Perhaps in Subtler and More Tragic Ways
I Was Saying It Outright
I May Never Show Up
No, You First
I Can't Entertain You Anymore
The Old Objectivity
You Were All There
Bad Maps
I Couldn't Accept Less
I Know I Hide It Well
Always Talking Always Walking
But, Hey, Let's Not Lose Our Perspective Here
All We Hear Is Applause
We're All Ok, Really
If We Want To, If It Matters To Us
We're Used to It
Reminding Ourselves of What We Might Want From What We Once Wanted
This Is Only A Little Of It
They Had a Point
It Doesn't Even Begin To
Although Not Loud
Islands Are Not Forever
People Will Say What A Cheerful Guy I Must Be
They Pretend to Believe so as Not to Disappoint Us
I Could Say It Better Than You Felt It
Sometimes It's Ok to Give Up
There Was Nothing Important About It
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